Barrel Wraps

Are you tired of sun-faded barrels? Tired of ugly craters in the sides? Tired of giving an arm and a leg to get them relettered? Well there is a simple solution to all these problems! Hadley Barrel Wraps™ IS the solution! With 14 basic colors, you can create as many combinations as you choose!

Why Barrel Wraps ™ ??

A barrel cover fits loosely over a barrel allowing the barrel underneath to be unlevel and have the appearance of being level.  While fitting loosely it makes it difficult for barrel setters to be quick at setting a barrel because they must reposition the cover each time the barrel falls.

Barrel Wraps'™ solution to this problem....
Each individual section of the barrel has its own Wrap.  The barrel has 3 sections divided by 2 rungs, the wraps securely fit in each of these sections. 

Painting your barrels and decaling them limits that set of barrels to one event.  Also, this involves hauling your barrels to and from your events location. 

Barrel Wraps' ™ solution...
A set of Wraps are made to be reused if you have sponsor changes, date changes or a damaged Wrap. They can all be re-lettered or replaced with ease.  Any set of barrels will work with your set of Barrel Wraps™,  barrels that are onsite can have the appearance of a crisp and clean new paint job with the ease of applying 3 Wraps to each barrel. 

What are they made of and how do they work??

Barrel Wraps ™ are made of a heavy weight 14oz high gloss banner material that is very durable.  Each individual Wrap is secured by a 2 inch industrial Velcro strip.  You simply take your Barrel Wrap ™, place it around the barrel, pull snuggly and attach the Velcro.    It is as simple as 1, 2, 3 on each barrel.  After your event simply roll each set of 3 Barrel Wraps ™ up together and place back in your tote bag and you are ready for the next event.   Maintenance is easy: spray off with a hose and blot dry.

Barrel Wraps™ is a registered Trademark.
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